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Have you dreamed of playing dress-up for a living? Shopping all day,  styling clients, friends, and colleagues for life's most beautiful occasions? 

You're in the right place! 


I've recently launched The Impeccable Style Academy- a virtual styling course catered to aspiring stylists ready to take their styling gifts to the next level.

Students will learn all there is to know about starting a Personal Styling business, getting clients, keeping clients, and steps to earning six-figures.

At the Impeccable Style Academy we don’t just teach you all about style, color, body shapes, building a sustainable business, and fashion imaging. We also teach you how to promote confidence and positive body-image in your clients.


You’ll learn every aspect of how to run a Wardrobe Styling/Image Consultancy business.


First key is learning how to get started with your Personal Styling Career...that's where we step in!

With that being said, Let’s Get YOU Certified! Here’s what we offer:
❖ Certified Stylist Course

❖ Men's Styling

❖ A Career in Personal Shopping 

❖ Business Essentials for Stylists

❖ Marketing and Branding as a Stylist

❖ Social Media for Stylists
Ready to elevate your styling career?  Click here to schedule a quick 15-minute Career Discovery Call. I’d love to hear from you! 

I’m here to help you build your business, connect with clients, and influencers, plan your messaging, and Measure your effectiveness. Together, we will help you soar as a Stylist! Ready? Click here 

If we’re not already pals on social media, I would love to be! If you want some feel-good inspiration in your social media feeds you can find me hanging out on:  Facebook // Instagram // ​Twitter


Socially Yours,

PS. I’m just about done writing my e-book

“Post Like A Boss: Instagram Tips + Tools for Aspiring Stylists.”


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