Ahhh, I just love  Warm & Fuzzies! Don't you?

If you Ladies (or Gentlemen) want a fabulous new wardrobe for the new year, DeAnna TheStylist DuPree, is the truth. Imagine how good it will feel to dress to impress. Every day this week I have felt an extra dose of empowerment, and joy. Thank You, DeAnna !!!! You put the POW in Power. Because BABY...you hooked me up with a POWERFUL WARDROBE. Words can't express my gratitude.

Dawn. Mom, Wife, & Account Executive

What an amazing experience. While I sat comfortably and sipped some delicious tea, DeAnna pulled from her racks of clothes she thought would look good on me. She took into consideration my body type, size, asked about colors and styles I liked. She even asked if there were any special occasion coming up that I'd need something more specific. The attention was sincerely genuine. She cared that I saw the clothing that was best suited for me. The clothes I left with were items I would have never found at the mall, and it was...

Susan W.. Mom, Wife, & Stylist

How she envisions styles on your body type AND personality is beyond me but my few hours with her have taught me not only what to look for when shopping to fit my body type but also how to accessorize and make things pop to look like I actually spent hours putting an outfit together.

Thanks DeAnna, I look forward to seeing you again.

Elisa P. Mom, Wife, &, Travel Executive

I would really recommend one thing and that is if DeAnna suggests that you try a certain item you need to do it even if you feel it's not your style, color or whatever. DeAnna has the ability to see you in it and YOU WILL LOOK GOOD. The only thing better than going to DeAnna's Style Haus is if DeAnna was at my house to send me on my way every day looking like a million $$$$$$$$$$. Thanks DeAnna

BJ, Mom & Wellness Consultant

You stretch my self-image with every outfit! You helped me find my waist, emphasize my curves, and discover my style, again. You are an absolute delight to work with! You're a ray of sunshine and inspiration every time you walk in the door. Thank you. I am so grateful that I allowed myself your services. I can't wait to see what you have in store for next season.

- Sharon W.

Author & Coach

"DeAnna’s Coaching Style: Inspiring, Supportive and Innovate- DeAnna is a visionary and she see’s past my own limitations.

After working with DeAnna, I am open to change, inspired to wear color and confident in my style. My change is being noticed by friends and family- and everyone wants in on my secret. My inner soul has changed in addition to my wardrobe. Confidence is apart of my style now!"

Monica- Executive Banking 

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